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Most people are more concerned about wedding venues, menus and wardrobes as compared to the legal side and the paperwork involved in getting married to someone. While it is easy to feel lost because you are too busy planning your destination wedding or themed bachelor party, it is always better to remember that registering your marriage and obtaining a valid marriage certificate are also essential aspects of getting married. Therefore, here’s a look at how to apply for marriage registration in Delhi online and NCR region.

Moreover, you can apply for online marriage registration in Delhi on the Government website.

marriage registration in delhi online

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marriage registration in delhi online

All marriages which were solemnised in Delhi comes under the Delhi (Compulsory Registration of Marriage) Order, 2014 irrespective of caste, creed or religion of the spouses involved. But there are certain prerequisite conditions which have to be met if a marriage is to be registered within NCR. Therefore, here’s a look at what makes couples eligible to apply for a marriage certificate or even record their marriage in Delhi.

Either spouse is a Delhi native or has address proof within Delhi
The marriage itself took place in Delhi
As per the Hindu Marriage Act, if a wedding is to be registered, both spouses must be either Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh or Jain.
Neither should have a legal and living spouse while applying for the second marriage.
Both must give valid consent, freely and without any fear, external force or aggression.
Male must be 21 and females should be at least 18 years old.
Spouses must not be from any type of prohibited relationship unless the custom is permitted by law.
Procedure for Marriage Registration Delhi:
Submit the application form at the Marriage Office.
Also, submit the required documents.
The court and the office must then verify these documents.
The registration of marriage shall take place in the presence of at least one witness.
After a successful marriage registration, you will receive the marriage certificate.

Fee for Marriage Registration Certificate
The fee for marriage registration is:

Rs. 100 if you are following the Hindu Marriage Act.
Rs.150 if the wedding as per the Special Marriage Act.
You must pay the fees to the cashier, and attach a receipt for the same to the application form that you submit in the registrar office.

Documents required for marriage registration in Delhi:
Let us see the necessary documents for the marriage registration in Delhi online. However, after the online registration, it is compulsory to visit in person to provide these documents.

Application form
Age Proof: Matriculation Certificate, Passport or Birth Certificate
Address Proof
Aadhar card
Affidavit in the prescribed format
Two passport size photographs
One marriage photograph.
Marriage invitation card
Certificate from the priest
A witness with a valid Aadhar card and PAN card
Attested divorce decree or death certificate if it is a second marriage
A conversion certificate if applicable
Hindu Marriage Act
Couples who have been as per Hindu, Jain, Buddhist or Sikh traditions may register under the Hindu Marriage Act. Moreover, Sikhs may choose to register their marriage under the Anand Marriage Act. This process is also remarkably similar to the one followed if the registration takes place using the Hindu Marriage Act. Indeed, here’s how to register your marriage online as per the Hindu Marriage Act:

Gather the list of documents required.
Create the required Affidavit in the prescribed format.
Submit the application and other necessary documents to the marriage registrar office.
Book an appointment for the physical appearance of both the couple and witnesses.
To apply for an online appointment for marriage registration Delhi, go here.
Click on ‘Make Appointment with DM’.
Register on this portal.
Select your district as per geographic jurisdiction.
Fill in the details.
Select the ‘Registration of Marriage Certificate’ option.
Fill in the required details.
Select the date of the appointment.
Submit the Application.
The acknowledgement page to which you will be redirected will have details regarding the appointment date.
Take a printout of this Acknowledgement page.
Complete the due process at the registrar office.
Collect the issued marriage certificate.
The total time required is approximately 15 days.


A Marriage Certificate is a certificate that proves relation between husband and wife. Marriage certificate is issued by district marriage registrar, as per religious marriage and special marriage acts.


Currently there are two marriage registration acts under which marriage certificate is issued :

1 The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 : When marriage is already solemnized where Husband and Wife are Hindus, Buddhists, Jain or Sikhs or when they are converted into any of these religions, they will be considered under these registation Act.

2 The Special Marriage Act, 1954 : Whereas, this act lay down the procedure for both solemnization and registration of marriage certificate where either of the party or both are not Hindus, Buddhists, Jain or Sikhs.
This certificate can be presented at many places such as passport office, court, Bank, insurance offices, etc. to prove bride and bridegroom were married on particular date.

• Fill the online marriage registration form, by providing the required documents.
• Booking an appointment at marriage register office.
• Once you confirm with us we will book an appointment at register (the date you choose will be after 1 month) office where you have to give your single visit with 3 Witnesses and their documents.
• Get the Marriage Registration Certificate in 1 month
Under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955
• Fill the online form.
• Book an appointment, visit Registrar office(SRO) with 3 witnesses at the time of registration.
• Submit the application with all the required documents and get a marriage certificate.

Under Special Marriage Act 1954

• Bride and Bridegroom should give a notice of intending a marriage 30 days in advance to marriage registration officer.
• No objection should be raised within these 30 days timing, Parties can Appear within next 30 days of time period in front of marriage officer for solemnization with 3 witnesses. If the couple didn’t not marry within 90 days of solemnization of marriage, they will have to start the procedure again.
• Marriage office will administer the oath and solemnize the marriage by issuing the certificate
• Once the declaration and certificate is signed with parties and witness we are done with the process.
Under Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, 1936
•A form is filled with the details of Bride and bridegroom with 2 witness and certificate of marriage is issued by a priest.
•Along with prescribed marriage certificate fees need to be send to marriage officer.
•Marriage will be recorded with Registrar.


Along with the online filled form we need to attach following documents
1. Age proof of Husband (Anyone of the following)
•Birth Certificate
•Leaving Certificate
•SSC Exam Certificate
•Civil Surgeon Certificate
2. Age proof of Wife (Anyone of the following)
•Birth Certificate
•Leaving Certificate
•SSC Exam Certificate
•Civil Surgeon Certificate
3. Residential Proof (Anyone of the following)
•Election Card
•Electricity Bill
•Registered Rent Agreement
•Driving License
•Ration Card
4. Marriage Proof
•Marriage Invitation Card
•Marriage Photo with 2 Passport size photo of husband and wife is compulsory
5. Witness(3)
•Aadhaar Card or Any Id Card
•Passport size photo
Note : The documents set of Original with one xerox copy one should carry with them for registrar office visit.


•The parties should be more than 21 years of age for males and 18 years for females.
•The parties must have lived for at least one month in the district where marriage is to be registered.
•There should not be more than one spouse of any of the parties at the time of marriage under Hindu Marriage Act, while according to Special Marriage Act it is allowed.


A Marriage Certificate is an official statement that establishes marital status of the couple.
It is an important document, which one can rely upon to prove that they are legally married to someone, and for various other purposes like
•Changing one’s maiden name.
•Opening a bank account.
•Obtaining a passport or visa.
•Applying for an income certificate.
•To claim insurance amount.
•To claim assets if your name is mentioned in will with relationship and among other things.


The reason behind the marriage registration is being compulsory website is to make society strong by
•Giving both parties (husband and wife) equal rights.
•For availing the right of heritage.
•Restricting child marriage.
•Avoiding the fraud cases of marriages.


Any Person destroying, tampering with or dishonestly or fraudulently altering the registrar will be punished with imprisonment upto Five years and/ or fine of Rs. Five Thousand.

Question1 If you are staying in different cities than the city where you have married, then where can you issue the certificate from?

Answer You can issue the marriage certificate from the new city as well just insure that you have to have residential proof of at least 1 month of the new address along with the address of the bride before marriage.

Question2 Do I need to visit marriage Registrar Office?

Answer Yes, After filling the draft there will be one visit at SRO where all the members need to be present. Registrar might ask some questions for their verification.

Question 3 What if we are delayed to register a marriage after years of marriage date, is there any late fees?

Answer As of now there is no provision for Late Fees in many states, some states has Rs 250 per year penalty for late registration. As per Supreme Court order for registration of marriage need to be done within 60 days

Question 4 What is the validity of the Marriage certificate?

Answer Till the couple remains in the relationship the marriage certificate is valid.

Question 5 In Case of Nikahnama is in Urdu what to do?

Answer In Case both the parties are Muslim in religion and Nikahnama is in Urdu it needed to be translated in English.

Question 6 If Husband and Wife are of different religion what precautions needed to taken care of?

Answer Marriage between two people of different religions are growing everyday, as new generation is looking beyond their faith. If husband or wife is converting himself or herself and adopting religion of spouse, they should provide the documents which gives information about their conversion. That marriage will be register under Special Marriage Act 1954.
Question 7 What cares should be taken while making a Marriage Registration Certificate?

Answer Provide the correct documents, which should specify the correct information of you and your spouse like - Name, Address, Age, Religion, Marital Status, Marriage Location, Date of Marriage, etc.

Question 8 What if we have corrections to be done in the Marriage Registration Certificate?

Answer There is no need to pay hefty amount just Apply with an application to same register office where you have already registered your certificate.

Question 9 How can a Foreigner marry an Indian Citizen?

Answer This Marriage is governed by Special Marriage Act 1954 as it might come under different religions of both husband and wife.
Documents needed for Online marriage certificate in India between an Indian and a foreign citizen under the Special Marriage Act:
Birth certificate for both parties (in English)
Passport for foreign citizen
The foreign party will need a visa for more than 30 days
Proof of address (for indian citizen)
Certificate of No Impediment/ Single Status Marriage Certificate
Passport sized photographs

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